URBANOVO is a well-known eno-gastronomic event which takes place in the picturesque wine-growing countryside of Međimurje. Spanning three weekends at the end of May, it starts with the Pušipel Festival. Wine tasting, rating and workshops are organised around the native Pušipel and more than 200 other wines in the region, but the festival is also known as the meeting place for winemakers and tourist professionals. At the second weekend, during the Days of Open Cellars, the Međimurje Wine Road is frequented by thousands of tourists on their way to beautiful wineries and wine cellars. There they are offered the unique opportunity to taste top class wines and dishes accompanied by numerous culture and entertainment programmes, ranging from folklore events to top jazz concerts, which are all organised by the wine families. Good cheer continues with the Wine Games at the third weekend. It all ends with the Wine Ball, where distinguished guests enjoy the selected food and wine delicacies of Upper Međimurje, a region proud to have been awarded the title of European Destination of Excellence (EDEN) for tourism and local gastronomy.


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